Urban Air Mobility

New Connectivity.

The New Generation of Urban Transportation

Urban Air Mobility

Mobility Infrastructure.

A solution to the pressure for city growth

Urban Air Mobility

Cleaner Mobility.

We believe in moving faster, safer, greener

Disruptive Mobility Infrastructure

We’ve created a new way for cities to expand that disrupts the status quo.

Varon Vehicles is developing a new type of mobility infrastructure. One that does not require any physical construction per mile. We're implementing Urban Air Mobility with the next generation of electric vertical take-off and landing aviation. We will be providing radically new, faster and cleaner urban and sub-urban transportation services to a wide range of customers like logistics companies, tourism companies, hospitals, emergency responders and transportation network companies (TNC's) for services like air taxis.

Infrastructure Networks

Varon Vehicles vertiports connected to each other via virtual lanes through which our air vehicles will fly to service between them without the need for physical mobility infrastructure.


Company Pillars

Varon Vehicles has 4 operational pillars, which are also company revenue sources.






Transportation services for multiple customers like logistics companies, tourism companies and TNC's for air taxi services.

Generating energy businesses with the assets in place at each of our vertiports.

Real estate ownership at and around our vertiports as value is generated as a result from the city growth that we foster.

Platform for persistent capture, processing and sale of currently non existent data.

Our Urban Air Mobility Concept

We're developing our innovative Infrastructure Networks, a new form of mobility infrastructure that is cleaner, faster and cheaper. And we're designing it to be safe. Enter here to see how.

UAM Concept

Varon Vehicles Company Summit


Part of NASA Advanced Air Mobility

Sharing with the FAA

Part of US Air Force Agility Prime Ecosystem


Partnered with Newchip

Working with the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority

Signatory of the Shared Mobility Principles