Urban Air Mobility

It's time to fly.

The New Generation of Transportation

Urban Air Mobility


A new way to promote city growth

Urban Air Mobility


We believe in moving faster, safer, greener

Disruptive Infrastructure

We’ve created a new way for cities to expand that disrupts the status quo.









Real Estate








Transportation services for multiple clients like passengers and freight.

Generating energy businesses with the assets in place at each of our vertiports.

Land and real estate value at and around our vertiports to promote city growth.

Platform for persistent capture, processing and sale of currently inexistent big data.

Our Infrastructure Hubs

Network of vertiports connected to each other via virtual lanes through which our air vehicles will fly to service between vertiports without the need for physical mobility infrastructure.


Our Urban Air Mobility Concept

We're developing a simplistic concept for aeronautical implementation that aims to overcome barriers faster and at less cost, while increasing public acceptance.

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Part of NASA Advanced Air Mobility

Sharing with the FAA

Working with MIT

Partnered with Newchip

Working with Aerocivil