We believe people should have more time for what is valuable in life. We believe in moving faster, safer, greener. We believe in the highest technology and the best of our innovative minds serving the purpose of healing people's deteriorated quality of life

Varon Vehicles is leading an Urban Air Mobility ecosystem that brings together global stakeholders from the Urban Air Mobility / Advanced Air Mobility community to work on the unique requirements for Latin America, targeted towards placing into service of its disruptive infrastructure networks.


Varon Vehicles Corporation is a United States company. It has a panel of friendly advisors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the areas of urban implementation & smart cities, mobility, supply chain & logistics, business modeling, aeronautics and engineering. It's actively engaged with NASA, the FAA, Governments and Aeronautics Authorities from different countries of the Americas.

Our Team

Felipe Varon

CEO & Founder

Mario Rubio


Adriana Varon

CFO & Co-Founder


Mario A. Cruz

Data Science

Andres Vejarano

Investor Relations