About Us

Urban transportation will move into the city skies.
A new industry called Urban Air Mobility is being born.
Varon Vehicles is a generator of this new industry that will redefine
city-suburb transportation.

We want to help heal the deteriorated quality of life of people.

We believe in a greener future. We believe people should have more time for what is valuable in life. We believe in getting there faster, safer. We believe in reaching parts of cities that have never gotten priority. We believe in the highest technology and the best of our innovative minds serving a real social impact. And we will do it Today.

Varon Vehicles is developing an
on demand urban air mobility
transportation service
for passengers and courier.

Varon Vehicles is developing an
on demand urban air mobility transportation service
for passengers and courier.

Varon Vehicles Corporation is incorporated in Delaware, USA. We have established partnerships and activities with multiple global suppliers and business partners, from engineering and design teams to sub systems manufacturers, providers and developers.

We have a panel of friendly advisors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the areas of aeronautical safety studies, mechanical engineering, aerodynamics, urban implementation & smart cities, supply chain & logistics and business implementation. We are actively engaged with NASA, the FAA, Governments and Aeronautics Authorities from different countries.



Felipe Varon, CEO and Founder, Electrical Engineer with 16 years of experience in high tech military technology, deeply involved with military and civilian Unmanned Aerial Systems for over 20 years, drone expert and operator, and graduate studies in several areas and Universities including Harvard and MIT.


Adriana Varon, CFO, Economist and Finance graduate, over 10 years of experience in international stock markets and international investments. Over 7 years experience with international high tech military manufacturers.


Mario Rubio, Economist and Master of Arts in Regulations, grid energy and fuels Industry expert, 14 years experience in the electricity and gas sectors, business development and regulatory management. 2018 President of an Advisory Committee for Electricity Commercialization and member of a National Operation Council.


Mario A. Cruz, Business Administration. Information Technology expert, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and cognitive solutions. Expert in AI, agribusiness, image recognition and remote sensing. Drone Operator and UTM / Traffic Management System (TMS) operator.


Andres Vejarano, Lawyer with graduate studies in finances and high impact innovative entrepreneurship. Expert in corporate and commercial law, startups legal & capital structure and entrepreneurship public policy. Member of Kairos Society and other innovation organizations.

Do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.