Varon Vehicles Flying Car Model Designations

Varon Vehicles Flying Car Model Designations


Foreseeing future business expansion and growth potential into different business cases with different proprietary flying car variants, Varon Vehicles has devised a designation standard for its flying car models that allows to differentiate and categorize them and track their development and upgrades. It consists of the letter “V” followed by three numerical digits and one Letter. The “V” is a permanent prefix that stands for the company name Varon Vehicles. The designation takes the form Vwxy-z.

w – is a digit that indicates the number of occupants the vehicle can carry, including the driver.
x – is a digit that indicates the technological and design development stage, it starts in 0.
y – is a digit that indicates the upgrades or enhancements, it starts in 0.
z – is a letter that indicates the configuration of the flying car depending on its application.

Configurations are:
T – passenger transportation or taxi
C – courier transportation
E – emergency or first responder
A – ambulance
S – sports
L – law enforcement or police
M – military
P – private owner and rental.

Given that the company’s current development is focused on the passenger transportation and courier transportation business cases, and given the current stage of the design and development process of our flying cars, the two models currently being worked are the V200-T and V200-C. Further developments of our flying cars will be reflected in the designations used to identify them.